PIC Programming:

This section deals with the basics of PICs - this is where you should start if you have no idea what a PIC or a microcontroller is. From here, you can build yourself a PIC programmer, download and programme firmware to make your PIC do something, and configure your PC to provide an environment suitable for PIC program development. From there, we start to write assembly language programmes.

This section forms an introductory tutorial that equips you with the foundations necessary to begin writing your own projects.


  • Introduction - what is a microcontroller, and how does it differ from a microprocessor?
  • First steps - building a simple programmer, programming code into your first PIC.
  • Configuring - step by step guide to configuring your PC.
  • Architecture - a detailed look at the insides of the PIC.
  • First programme - beginning to write code.
  • Time delays - general purpose time delays.
  • Subroutines - examining programme flow.
  • Input - the beginnings of accepting external input.
  • Further Input - 4 bit counter to accept input.




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